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Value-for-money hotel rooms in Sydney's CBD

Posted in Accommodation at 26 December, 2014

Whilst Sydney is deemed as one of the most expensive cities in the world, this doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy a luxurious travel experience here for less....

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Cosy and spacious Superior Family room in Posh Hotel

Posted in Accommodation at 26 November, 2014

It's no surprise why Sydney remains to be the most popular city and tourist destination in Australia, as well as all over the world....

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Posh Hotel Sydney Attractions

Your holiday address in the Sydney CBD

Posted in Accommodation at 22 October, 2014

Finding a perfect location in a business district or at a city centre will definitely cost you a lot, or you if you find a cheaper accommodation, then you'll surely find ...

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Free WiFi at Posh Hotel

Posted in Accommodation at 19 September, 2014

Among the most common requirements of business travellers when it comes to their choice of accommodation in a city are comfortable beds, hot shower, convenient location, ...

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Posh Hotel: Your family holiday residence in Sydney

Posted in Accommodation at 26 August, 2014

One of the most popular harbour cities across the globe, Sydney has also become one of the most favourite city destinations of holidaymakers seeking a different type of h...

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A relaxing stop in Sydney for Travellers

Posted in Accommodation at 26 July, 2014

There are travellers that simply don't want to go out of their comfort zone when they travel to a different city....

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A relaxing retreat for the restless business traveller

Posted in Accommodation at 23 June, 2014

After a day of meetings across Sydney, it's a pleasure to have a stress-free retreat in a cosy and tastefully designed space with a soothing colour scheme which all manag...

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A Posh and pleasant Sydney holiday experience

Posted in Accommodation at 27 May, 2014

There's just too much to enjoy while spending a weekend break or a long holiday in Sydney you can tour around the city and take some tourist-y shots with the Opera House ...

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Things To Do at Our Sydney University Accommodation

Posted in Accommodation at 08 February, 2014

Our Sydney University Accommodation is conveniently located close to some of the best Sydney attractions....

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Superior Family Room

Posted in Accommodation at 24 December, 2013

Take a break and have a family holiday at our Hotel Near Sydney Central Station. We have a Superior Family Room that is ideal for families....

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